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Parmak® 12 Volt Gel Battery (Non-Hazardous)

QC Part #
MFR # 902
Backordered Until 03-03-2022

This Parmak® 12 Volt Gel Battery (Non-Hazardous) works with the Parmak® Mag 12 Solar Powered Fencer (#50246).

  • 12 Volt, 14 Amp/Hour
  • Lead Acid, Gel Cell Replacement Battery for Solar Powered Fencers



Q: Will this battery work in a 6 V Parmak? If not, what else needs to be replaced to make it work, and are those parts for sale?


We do offer the 6 V Battery, QC Part #50247. We do not sell anything to reduce from a 12 volt to a 6 volt.

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Q: Is a core charge required or included?

A: There is not a core charge.

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