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Modine® Hot Dawg® Horizontal Concentric Vent Kit - HDS60 - HDS125

QC Part #
MFR # 32161
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Reduce installation and maintenance costs for your Modine Hot Dawg HDS Heater with this Horizontal Concentric Vent Kit for HDS60-HDS125 heaters. The kit utilizes single wall penetration through exterior walls for both the fresh air intake and exhaust. This handy kit meets the needs of your heater with less structural alterations to your garage, shop or warehouse. For models HDS60 - HDS125 only.

For use with Modine Hot Dawg HDS Heaters, HDS60, HDS75, HDS100 and HDS125, QC Part #20840. NOT suitable for HD models.


  • Concentric Vent Kit Adapter Box
  • Vent Termination Cap
  • Inlet Air Guard

Also Available: Modine Vertical Concentric Vent Kit - HDS60 - HDS125, QC Part #20842.

Please Note: This kit ONLY works with the 60,000, 75,000, 100,000 and 125,000 BTU HDS heaters. For 30,000 and 45,000 BTU HDS heaters, you need QC Part #20845.



Q: I purchased a Hot Dawg HDS 75000 BTU propane heater. What do I need to have to adapt a double-wall pipe to both the exhaust and intake flanges on the heater?


How to attach a single wall vent terminal to double-wall (type B) vent pipe:

  • 1. Look for the “flow” arrow on the vent pipe.
  • 2. Slide the vent terminal inside the exhaust end of the double-wall vent pipe.
  • 3. Drill 3 holes through the pipe and the vent terminal. Using 3/4" long sheet metal screws, attach the cap to the pipe. Do not overtighten.

How to connect a single wall vent system to a double wall (type B) vent pipe:

  • 1. Slide the single wall pipe inside the inner wall of the double-wall pipe.
  • 2. Drill 3 holes through both walls of the single and double wall vent pipes. Using 3/4" sheet metal screws, attach the 2 pieces of pipe. Do not overtighten.
  • 3. The gap between the single and double wall pipe must be sealed but it is not necessary to fill the full volume of the annular area. To seal, run a large bead of 400°F silastic around the gap.

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Q: What pipe can I use to get from the concentric kit to the heater? I have an HDS 75000 BTU propane heater. What adapter fits the flanges on the stove?

A: The type of pipe to be used is determined by local code. The connection to the flue on the heater can be made with a coupler or a flue adapter.

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Q: What are the dimensions of this?

A: Concentric Box Dims: 19" W x 13-3/8" H x 6" D.

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Q: Do you have a more comprehensive kit? Such as one with exhaust and intake pipes, etc?

A: No, I am sorry we do not. It is impossible to have a complete kit since every installation is completely different. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to heater installation.

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