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Made in the USA

Kane Poly Pet Heat Mat With Thermostat - 18" x 28"

QC Part #

Made with durable polyethylene, 18" x 28" Kane Poly Pet Heat Mat With Thermostat is perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, and reptile habitats. The mat runs 37° above ambient temperature and comes with a TD-30 adjustable thermostatic control that can be set to the ideal temperature for your pet.

The controller maintains a safe and consistent temperature pre-selected up to 150° F. It's easy to program to select and maintain the ideal temperature for your pets and small animals. This controller incorporates several unique self-activated safety mechanisms.

One unique safety mechanism is the limit setting that self-activates and is relative to the set point. It has a fixed 2° F switch differential for energy savings. Standard features include capacitive touch buttons, Modbus® communication, and temperature alarms with an internal buzzer.

The mat may be pressure washed, brushed and disinfected.


  • Long-lasting, durable poly construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable integrated thermostat temperature control
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Recommended Uses: Kennels, Whelping, Veterinary Clinics, Research Facilities, Small Animals, Reptile Habitats, Enclosed Outdoor Pens and Pampered Pets

Also Available: 18" x 18" Kane Poly Pet Heat Mat With Thermostat, QC Part #670850.



Q: Is there a heat mat that is weight-activated and waterproof for my 80 lb. Sulcata's habitat?

A: We do not have a mat that activates only when the animal is there.

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Q: Does this go on the inside of the enclosure or the outside?

A: The thermostat is typically mounted inside with the mat.

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Q: How many watts is this 18”x28” Mat?

A: It draws .57 AMPS and uses 69.33 WATTS.

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Q: My Doberman is a bad chewer, maybe I can hide it underwood shelves. Will it work with wood shelves? I don't want to start a fire.

A: As long as the wood is not lying directly on the mat it should be fine.

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Q: Can this unit go outside? Also what about a dog with a lot of snow stuck on its fur and it melts on the pad, is it waterproof?

A: Yes, these can be outside. Moisture will not be an issue.

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Q: How long is the cord connected to the control box? Need to put it out of sight due to chewing.

A: 10' long

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