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Aegis® RP Bait Station - Locking

QC Part #
MFR # 83857
In stock

The versatile and compact Locking Aegis RP Bait Stations allow rats and mice to access the station and feed on rodenticide. The locking station is ideal for use where tamper-resistant placement is required. The non-locking station - QC Part #230718, sold separately, is great when tamper-resistant placement is not required.


  • Allows rodents to see the exit, inviting them to enter and feed
  • Low-profile, permitting flexible mounting in tight locations - vertical or horizontal placement
  • Short travel distance allows rodents to reach rodenticide quickly
  • Strong rotating hinges secure lid and operate down to -20° for long service life
  • The only bait station to open away from the wall, making it easier to access and creating a convenient surface for recording data
  • Knockout anchor points provide flexible securing options
  • Economical choice
  • Accomodates rodent traps
  • Each station includes 3 vertical bait rods and 1 horizontal bait rod

Dimensions: 7.5" W x 12.75" L x 4.25" H
Weight: 1.15 lbs

Please Note: Bait is not included with station. One key is provided per case of stations (6/case). If more keys are required, please make a note in the Customer Comments section of your order.



Q: I lost the key to my bait station. Where can I get one?


We do sell a replacement key for this bait station, however, it is not sold online. Please call our customer service department at (888) 433-5275 and order QC Part #230726

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Q: When the mice get in the box, can they get back out?


Yes, this is only designed as a bait station. The mouse enters the station and only eats the bait, but does not get trapped. If you are looking for an actual "trap", check out these products:

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Q: Where do I get more bait?

A: We offer a wide variety of baits, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page of the bait stations and look at the customers also bought section they are listed there.

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Q: Are the pests able to bring out the bait outside of the box? I have a dog and worry about him.

A: The bait boxes have pins the bait goes over and holds in place. This prevents the rodent from removing it from the box. The box is also designed to mimic an environment where the rodent feels safe to eat. Typically, they will consume the bait and then go back to their home and die.

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Q: If I order 2, will I get a key?

A: Yes, but be sure to make a comment in the customer comments section on the order.

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Q: Can big rats get inside this station?

A: This is designed for both rats and mice.

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Q: Will this bait station work for voles?

A: The hole size allows mice and rats to crawl in to access the bait, so voles should be able to fit as well.

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Q: About how many mice can it hold?

A: This does not hold any mice. This is used as a feeding station for bait where they enter/exit to consume your rodent control product.

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