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Poly-White Wall Panel

QC Part #
MFR # 130
$50.14 - $200.33
In stock

Apply to Walls, Ceilings or Anywhere a Tough, Weatherproof Surface is Needed

These 4' x 8' sheets of solid White Plastic Wall Paneling are made from 100% high density polyethylene. Easy-to-install and clean, the panel's hard, slick surface will not rust, rot, dent or corrode for years of maintenance-free service.

We recommend the 1/4" thickness when installing directly to studs and ceilings. When using the 1/8" wall panel, first apply a backing to the studs such as 3/8" wafer board.

QC Part #ThicknessWeight
90020-1/8 1/8" 20.6 lbs.
90020-3/16 3/16" 31 lbs.
90020-1/4 1/4" 41.2 lbs.
90020-3/8 3/8" 62 lbs.
90020-1/2 1/2" 82 lbs.

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Q: Can you paint these panels?

A: These panels can be painted. However, due to the polyethylene's completely smooth surface, paint does not adhere as well and will not last very long.

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Q: Can the panel be bent for a curve in the ceiling?

A: Yes, the Poly-White Wall Panel can be bent to make a curve. Selecting a smaller thickness will be easier to bend.

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Q: How do you fasten the panel to a wood wall?

A: You can fasten these to walls with wood screws. One-stepper screws or deck screws will work fine.

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Q: Can this product be used as an RV shower surround

A: Yes, you would be able to use this for a shower surround.

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Q: Can you attach these to cement walls?

A: To affix these to cement walls, the panels would have to be screwed in using a winged screw, so that when the screw is about to tighten up, it bores a larger hold to allow for the expansion and contraction of the panel walls. In a basement where the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much, the expansion and contraction would be minimal. These panels do not adhere very well with construction type adhesives.

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Q: Is this product available in a 4 x 10' sheet?

A: We can special order that size depending on the quantity you order.

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Q: What thickness is recommended for application to livingroom walls?

A: This will all depend on what you have behind it. If it is just a stud wall you will want to go thicker. If there is plywood or something else already on the wall you could go thinner.

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Q: Can it be painted in oil-based or water-based?

A: This is a smooth finished wall board. Most paints will not adhere to this surface.

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Q: Is this waterproof wall panel suitable for exterior use? Is it UV stable?

A: This is not UV resistant.

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Q: Do they come in other colors?

A: We can special order Black. You would have to order a minimum quantity.

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