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Tek-Trol® Disinfectant Aerosol - 17 oz.

QC Part #
MFR # 457120TTEK
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Ideal for use in poultry and turkey barns, hatcheries, pork producing facilities, equine facilities, Tek-Trol Aerosol Disinfectant and deodorizer is fast-drying and nonstaining. 17 oz.


  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent for environmental surfaces
  • Fast-drying and nonstaining
  • Disinfectant
  • Virucide
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Pathogenic fungicide
  • Mildewstat on hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces

Active Ingredients:

  • Orthophenylphenol  .....  .08%
  • Paratertiary Amylphenol  .....  .02%


  • General Sanitation
  • Pork & Poultry Facilities
  • Equine Facilities
  • Vehicle Washes
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Fogging Systems

Contents: 17 oz. aerosol can



Q: Can this product be used in a kennel with dogs in the kennel? Or does the kennel need to be empty, and for how long?

A: This could be used in a dog kennel. The kennel would need to be emptied and cleaned prior to use. For proper disinfecting, the surface needs to remain wet for 10 minutes and then wiped dry. It is suggested to keep animals away from any surfaces this was applied to until the surface is completely dry.

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Q: Does this work like an aerosol bomb - just set it off and leave the room? Does it work on mold?


This is actually a spray can. It is not a set and release type can. You can view directions for mold on the product label:

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Q: Se puede aplicar Directamente en un humano para desinfección

A: No es seguro para los humanos.

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Q: Can you use this on furniture and things in the home?

A: The product is labeled for use only on hard non-porous surfaces. For more specific information you can find the product label as a PDF document below the description on our product page.

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Q: Can you use this in the home?

A: Yes, It can be used on certain surfaces in your home. Pleas refer to the product label on our product page for proper usage.

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Q: What is the contact time?

A: Per label directions 10 minutes undisturbed.

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Q: Can you use this product on beds and sheets?

A: It is generally used on hard non-porous surfaces. It can cause mild irritation so it would not be recommended for linens.

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Q: Is this also an air freshener also like Lysol aerosol spray disinfectant?

A: It is definitely not an air freshener. It does have a distant smell that can irritate some people. I have not seen a good spray disinfectant with an air freshener built into it.

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Q: Is the product EPA approved for covid19?

A: Unfortunately, this product is not labeled for use against Covid-19 virus. The virus is new and this has not been specifically tested against it.

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Q: Is this similar to Lysol Disinfectant Spray that kills germs & viruses?

A: It has different active ingredients, but yes.

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