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Outreach Inc. Disinfecting Door Mat

QC Part #
MFR # MAT-32-22
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Step-up your biosecurity practices with the Outreach Inc. Disinfecting Door Mat. Before you enter a disease-sensitive entryway, step on the mat to sanitize your footwear. This mat is made of a tough vinyl that retains liquid. Simply place the mat on a level surface and fill with any liquid disinfectant or sanitizer. The mesh-covered foam soaks up the liquid.

Dimensions: 32" x 22" x 1.5"
Weight: 3 lbs.

Note: Designed for use with quaternary ammonium-based disinfectants.



Q: How often do you need to replace the inner liner? How often do you need to replenish the chemical? Also, what chemical disinfectant do you suggest using this mat?

A: The liner replacement, as well as replenishment, will depend on the overall foot traffic. High traffic areas will require more frequent cleaning and replenishment of the product. As far as what to recommend we have several products that target different areas. Please reach out to our sales department for assistance at 888.433.6340.

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