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Heat Mat Control - Power Control F911

QC Part #
MFR # F911
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The Stanfield® Heat Mat Control operates as a variable output controller for energy-saving performance.

It's perfect for controlling two heat pads simultaneously with its two built-in outlets that can handle 600 watts. This control features an easy-to-read dial that allows you to adjust your heat pad's temperature output to the perfect setting for your animals.


  • Enclosure Size: 4" x 2" x 2.75"
  • AC Line Input Voltage (Volts AC - 50/60 Hz): 120
  • Maximum Current Ratings (Amps RMS): 5
  • Maximum Output Capacity: 600 watts
  • Included Power Outlets: 2
  • Maximum Energy Used: 1.92 kWh/Day/Litter



Q: I have this F911 and am using it on 2 - S1824 heat pads for black labs. Is there a temperature associated with the numbers 1-9?

A: The numbers do not have a temperature associated with them. The higher the number the more voltage that is supplied to the mat.

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Q: Does this work to control the temperature of the Kane heat mats?

A: Yes, this can control the temperature of the heat mats.

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Q: Can I plug this mat into a vivarium thermostat controller to regulate heat to 85 degrees? Can I put this on the floor of a wooden doghouse without the fear of it causing a fire? This will be used for a sulcatta tortoise.

A: Which heat mat are we referring to?

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Q: Will this only reduce the current temp that the mat is set for or can it be used to raise it higher? I have a Kane 27 x 36 mat

A: The mats will only heat to 35 to 40 degrees above the ambient temperature in the room, this controller will not raise that.

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