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Motomco Tamper Resistant Low Profile Rat Bait Station

QC Part #
MFR # 33470
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These Motomco Tamper-Resistant, Low-Profile Rat Baiters keep bait away from pets, livestock and humans, yet fresh and easily accessible to target animals. Motomco Bait Stations will help monitor rodent activity to determine areas where there are high infestations. Use indoors or outdoors. Designed to fit in corners or flush against the wall. These stations have large bait receptacles allowing rodents have easy accessibility to the bait compartment.

  • Pins included to thread Bait Chunx® through
  • 1 key per case of stations (6/case) provided
  • Need extra keys? QC Part #230119, sold separately
  • Dimensions: 13.5" wide x 9" deep x 3.5" tall 
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Bait is not included with station

Use With

  • Jaguar® Rodent Pest Control
  • Hawk® Mice and Rat Bait
  • Rampage® Rodent Control
  • Tomcat® Rat and Mouse Bait
  • Eraze™ Rodent Pest Control



Q: How exactly does this trap work?

A: This trap is more of a bait station to kill rodents, not trap them. It works by placing your rodenticide inside and closing the lid. For proper baiting for rats and mice, these would need to be spaced on the outside of your building every 20 feet. The rodents enter through the opening at either end where they can consume the bait. The inside mimics a natural environment based on how rodents eat.

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Q: Are the holes large enough for squirrels to be poisoned as well?

A: The holes are 1" in diameter. It would take a very small squirrel to get though.

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Q: When the mice get in the box, can they get back out?


Yes, this is only designed as a bait station. The mouse enters the station and only eats the bait, but does not get trapped. If you are looking for an actual "trap", check out these products:

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Q: Do you need to be licensed to use this product in a school?

A: The bait station itself doesn't have any restrictions. However, there may be state or local regulations that you would need to verify.

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Q: Can pellets be used for bait?

A: Yes, they can be although they tend to be much messier as the mouse/rat can actually carry it away without actually eating the bait. They can store it away and possibly never eat it. I tend to really lean toward the chunk bait so a person can tie it down.

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Q: Does using these boxes draw more rats to your home? Our neighborhood has many tree rats. I don’t want more to come than I already have.

A: The purpose of the box is to effectively bait while keeping product away from non-target species. The box will also help you monitor how much activity there is. Keeping it baited regularly will help you with control of the rodent problem.

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Q: Will the rats die inside the house after eating the bait?

A: They wont die inside the bait station, but after that they can die almost anywhere. Typically they die in their "home" or "nest". They start to feel sick and just like you or I we tend to go home and lay in our bed, mice and rats are no different.

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Q: Are cats safe from rat bait inside?

A: Cats are safe from it as long as the bait is placed in the station properly with the lid shut and as long as it is properly anchored.

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Q: Can water get into the bait box or will it break when stepped on?

A: The station itself is protected from the elements. If it is placed in a spot where water runs it can enter the station. The station could break if enough force is applied so it is not recommended that they be stepped on.

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