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Modine® Hot Dawg® 3" x 5' Pipe - HD30-HD75

QC Part #
MFR # 503088
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All installation and service of these units should be performed by a qualified installation and service agency including the use of Modine’s installation and service manuals which are specifically intended for use by a qualified installation and service agency.

Made of AL29-4c stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and structure strength, this 3" x 5' Pipe is used to install Modine Hot Dawg heaters where sidewall venting is allowed by local code. The pipe features factory adhered gaskets for an airtight fit between joints with ring tab locking mechanism to keep the fittings together. This part is designed for commercial installation of models HD30-HD75. UL listed.

For Commercial Installation of Hot Dawg® Models HD100-HD125, see QC Part #21301.



Q: What kind of gas line can I use for 100 feet ?

A: When it comes to gas piping please contact your local supplier and check with local ordinances.

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Q: Can I cut this down or do you sell shorter lengths?

A: We only sell this as a 5' piece. By the time you meet your minimum clearances inside, go through the wall and meet your minimum clearances outside (depends on what material is outside) the 5' piece is usually pretty close. However, you can shorten it after those clearances are met.

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